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I specialise in writing conversational copy, blog posts and articles guaranteed to convert. No matter what I’m writing about I’ll always be sure to make your reader the first priority. (See my Services page to see more about the deliverables I offer).

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I understand the importance of the research stage of any project. Even the best writing ability can be put to waste if the research isn’t up to scratch. I’m confident that doing a thorough job of it will always make for a more quality and substantial end product.

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You’ve got an important job to do – why would you be here otherwise? I want to make that job as easy as possible for you, and that starts on my end with a commitment to delivering the goods in good time.


Hiring a copywriter is a big investment for your business, so I think it’s completely reasonable that you want to get to know me a bit beforehand.

Let’s start with my face…

Stuart Cameron Writer's Blick Copywriter Copywriting


…turns out it’s much harder to take selfies on a Polaroid camera than I initially thought. I promise I’m more smiley and approachable than this photo might have you believe.

Thankfully, you’re not here for my photography skills. 

You’re here because you’re passionate about the success of your business, and because you understand the power a good investment can have.

So who am I, and what can I do for you?


I’m Stuart – a UK based freelance copywriter.

I’m a graduate of the University of Stirling, where I studied history for four years. 

While I don’t really write about history so much anymore, having an educational background in the arts and humanities equipped me with the skills to be a versatile writer.

Now, I specialise in writing engaging, conversational copy and blog content that’s guaranteed to reach your target market and increase conversions.

I’ve written for a variety of clients up until now, from a SaaS company working to improve process within business, to a Florida based SME providing water filtration systems to people’s homes.

Basically, what I’m saying is… 

I challenge you to try me – I’m sure I could take a crack at whatever is thrown my way!

But long story short?

I want to put what I write to work. For you, and for your business needs.

Interested in working together?

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You can also find me up to no good on Twitter @WritersBlick.


We were looking for written articles that educated our market about our home water filtration systems in a conversational way. Stuart was able to capture the exact tone of voice we were going for. Working with him was – and still continues to be – a really positive experience.

 Brock Gratton

Marketing Director at SpringWell Water




You can expect a wide variety of topics from copywriting, freelance life, self-development to creativity.

Regardless of the subject though, I aim to make the content something that you’d be happy to read while on your coffee break.

Keeping things light-hearted and conversational, while at the same time being thought-provoking and informative is my goal.

And much like on, you’ll always see an estimated reading time on my posts. This should make the call to read a post ‘now’ or ‘later’ much easier for you.



Between June 2019 and June 2020 I’ll be participating in Write52 – a year long challenge to write a blog post a week, no excuses. To read my recent #Write52 posts, click here to head on over to my blog.

To find out more about this project, be sure to read my post: What is #Write52, and what’s the point?


…what the BLICK does BLICK mean?!

There’s a fairly good chance that this may have resembled your brain (and/or your internet browser) when you came across the name of my website:

Did you mean: writer's blick

A totally fair and understandable thought to have.

But nope, I didn’t accidentally hit the ‘i’ key instead of the ‘o’ on my keyboard. Typos aren’t welcome here.

And nope, I didn’t just settle on something that kind of resembled ‘block’ because the domain name wasn’t available.

While I was working on a name for my site, I was living in Germany. And ‘Blick’ is the German word for ‘view’ or ‘sight’ (seen most commonly on signs for opticians and eye doctors), so I decided to roll with that.

I figured being able to see or view something had infinite more possibilities than being blocked by something.

So, on that note, let this be an “Auf Wiedersehen” to any writer’s block, and a hearty “Guten Tag” to Writer’s Blick.

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