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You can expect a wide variety of topics from copywriting, freelance life, self-development to creativity.

Regardless of the subject though, I aim to make the content something you’d be happy to read while on your coffee break.

Keeping things light-hearted and conversational, while at the same time being thought-provoking and informative is my goal.

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History is Now is an online history magazine which aims to provide its audience with unique and engaging introductions to lesser known historical events.

For my contribution, I wrote an article about 19th Century Britain and the Rise of the Freak Show Industry’

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Creative Rehab is a DIY punk zine for ‘copywriters, creatives, and outcasts’, founded and edited by copywriter Jake Keane. The ethos behind this independent publication is a simple one… “Creation for the sake of creation is beautiful.”

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To see my contributions to Creative Rehab (which come in the form of “Zen Haikus” and Polaroid instant photographs)…

Get to know me (maybe a bit too well) from my interview with Jake Keane on the Creative Rehab Podcast.

You can listen to Episode 1: Web-slinging and Frozen Lamb with Stuart Cameron of the Creative Rehab Podcast on:

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Write52 is a challenge to write one blog post a week, with a gang of talented writers behind you to keep you accountable.

Each week, founder and editor of Write52 – Ed Callow – compiles an email newsletter full of the week’s contributions. For Issue 29, I was given the opportunity to guest edit the newsletter.

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