What is #Write52, and what’s the point?

What is #Write52, and what’s the point?
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Recently, fellow freelance writer, and friend of mine, Ed Callow wrote a twitter thread about feeling hung up over not being able to regularly write posts for his own site, and that he was interested in having some accountability to get them done.

It was a thread that appeared like some sort of well-timed, heavenly intervention – and it got me thinking…


Same tho. 


In the same thread, Ed unveiled his plan to write 52 short posts over the span of a year. The main focus of those posts being his vinyl record collection.

On top of having the cracking idea, Ed has also set out three simple rules for #Write52:

  1. Do it every week.
  2. Don’t just write reviews, find something more interesting to say.
  3. Seriously, do it every week.

(Yeah, okay, so maybe that’s just two rules, but the first is definitely worth emphasising.)


Apart from relating a lot to what was being said, I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with (he’s a smart cookie).

But before I officially get stuck in myself, I’m going to take this as the one and only opportunity to slightly bend the rules.

Worry not!

I’m still planning on producing content each week, however, I’m not going to pick and stick to one theme, topic, or passion like Ed has.

For me, one of the biggest reasons for committing to #Write52 is because I want to build and maintain good writing habits.

My aim is to spread a variety of content between my own site, LinkedIn, and Mediumregularly

And if my ability to use numbers is anything to go by, come this time next year, I should have 50+ different posts dotted around the world wide web.

That’s a position that I know I’ll be proud to look back from.


But as well as that, I’m committing to #Write52 because having an accountability pact with Ed means that there will be checks, balances, and constructive criticism during the writing process – both ways.

It’s easy as a freelancer to get insular about things.

I’m sure you know exactly what it can be like when there’s no client deadline involved and you’re left to your own devices and time frames.

You know how easy it is to have the best intentions when it comes to your blog, but those intentions just as easily slip down your list of priorities when other “more important” things come along.

And I’m sure you know how crucial it can be to have someone who gets ‘it‘ when it comes to writing for a living, and is just as equally keen to get regular content out there.

As a freelancer, I know that done right, having an accountability buddy will be one of the most effective forms of motivations I could ask for.


Before I wrap up this post, let me leave you with one final thing.

I’ve barely even started and #Write52 is cold, hard proof that your fellow freelancers are NOT your competition. All you have to do is ask and they’re there to support you when you need it, and they’re there to push you to be the best you can be.


But anyway, writing one post a week still sounds like a realistic goal, right?

Sure it does.