Which freelancers have supported you the most?

Which freelancers have supported you the most?
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It’s been a hot second since I’ve written and published a #Write52 post here on my blog, and I think it’s about high-time I got back on my game.

The idea for this post has been totally and undeniably ripped off from a recent post that Alice Hollis, did for her own blog – Which freelancers have supported you the most this year? 

Be sure to give that goodness a read.

So, with that admission out of the way, here’s my list of awesome freelancers that have had a mega-positive impact on my copywriting journey (so far).

Alice Hollis

Who better to start with than my source of inspiration?

Alice is easily one of the most professional, most switched-on, and most supportive people I’ve ever met (yep, I’ve had the honour of actually meeting her in real life). And you know what? She’s as fiercely lovely offline as she online.

Alice also helped me achieve a massive landmark in my copywriting journey. She paved the way to help me score my first ever writing gig with a really awesome client who she had worked with previously. For that, I’ll forever be indebted to her.

Besides producing vast quantities of quality content and support, Alice’s Twitter feed is often filled with incredible pictures of her home baking. In exactly the same way that The Great British Bake Off does, Alice’s cakes have me rummaging around my kitchen cupboards in search of something to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Without a doubt, she’s up there among the savviest of copywriters and great friends to have.

You can find Alice on Twitter, here.

Ed Callow

Ed is the most reliable accountability buddy I could ask for through the #Write52 challenge. This week alone, Ed has threatened to break my legs for not finishing my weekly blog post 3 times already! If that’s not the kind of motivation I need, I frankly, do not know what is.

Joking aside, Ed is one of the most serious copywriters I’ve come across. He’s smart, he’s witty, he’s profound, and he knows his stuff. No matter what time of the day it is, he’s on hand to offer support and lend his keen editing eye. Legend has it that Ed’s editing abilities are so precise and finely tuned, he can smell a misused semicolon from 25 miles away [source unconfirmed].

Okay – joking aside for real this time – I’m really grateful for having had the opportunity to network with Ed. He’s a top grafter, he’s full of awesome ideas, and his always well-balanced POV has really lent me much needed perspective from time to time.

Also, if you’re ever in need a quality Spotify playlist, he’s your guy. See for yourself, here.

You can find Ed being a good egg on Twitter, here.

And you can also find Write52 on Twitter, here!

Jake Keane

Jake is someone I have so much time for.

He’s hilarious, he’s engaging, and he’s so easy to get along with. He’s one of the most hardworking and resourceful guys I’ve met, and he’s so in control of his professional brand that you’d know it a mile off. 

And speaking of that brand…

In between worshipping Satan and Kate Bush, you’ll find Jake spreading his ultra-positive vibes and daily quests on the Twittersphere (either as himself, or as the DIY-punk zine Creative Rehab). If you’re not familiar, be sure to find out more about Creative Rehab here. It’s genius.

But basically, I like to see Jake as the Meryl Streep Applause GIF of the copywriting community. He’s always there to support and cheer you on – and in any dose that encouragement is super motivational.

Oh, and stay tuned for an upcoming Creative Rehab podcast where you’ll be hearing lots of his wonderful voice.

He’s the best.

You can find Jake on Twitter, hereand Creative Rehab, here.

Laura Parker

I have so much respect for Laura Parker. She was instantly warm and welcoming when I first started networking with other copywriters on Twitter. She was always patiently on hand to lend her copywriting wisdom and help me out no matter the question or query.

LP’s advice, insight and guidance are all things I’m very grateful for. Oh, and she’s consistently game to throw you a thought-provoking philosophical book or essay recommendation if that kind of thing floats your boat.

Which reminds me… I’ve got a Nietzsche discussion to continue…

Someone who has a greater grasp of writing with a real human being in mind, you will not find. 

But you can find Laura on Twitter, here.

Gareth Hancock

If you’re involved anywhere on Twitter anywhere within the online marketing world, you’d have to have been living under a rock… no, under a large boulder… no, wait, under approximately 3 miles of solid sedimentary not to have come across That. Content. Shed.

And that’s because the man behind the Shed is one of the friendliest and most genuine engaging people out there. I know I’m not alone in saying that Gareth is an absolute asset to the copywriting community. Between sharing the love, the laughs, and the swell freelancing advice, we’d be lost without him.

And he has great taste in Casio watches. Enough said.

You can find Gareth (a.k.a That. Content. Shed.) on Twitter, here.


Speaking of watches, here’s someone else with great taste in Casios.

As a freelance graphic designer the graphics that Nik produces, and the photos that she takes and then edits, are goals. See for yourself here (but make sure to read this first, because – speaking from experience – once you go on Unsplash it’s pretty difficult not to spend 4+ hours on it).

But what’s really awesome about Nik is that she’s refreshingly forthright. You get an unapologetically straightforward, pragmatic, no nonsense point of view from her when it comes to freelance life. She delivers the laughs, she delivers the honesty, and she never fails to get involved.

And she has the most satisfying collection of vintage cameras, maybe ever. Also goals.

You can find Nik (a.k.a. Hello I’m Nik Design) on Twitter, here.

Megan Rose

Megan was one of the first copywriters I networked with and reached out to. And with that, there was no hesitation in making me feel welcome. She was on hand to give me friendly advice and sincerely share her experiences as a copywriter. It was much needed reassurance during the early stages of my copy career, so massive props to Meg for that!

She’s also the architect of – literally – the greatest compilation of copywriting related resources EVER.

Find her post: Copywriting: From A-Z, here (and make sure to get it bookmarked because you’re going to want to go back to it again and again.)

You can find Megan on Twitter, here.

Claire McCabe

Claire is one of the most genuine and enthusiastic #ContentClubUK regulars. She’s always there, she always contributes, and what she has to say is always honest and insightful. 

What’s especially great about Claire is that she’s not afraid to be candid when talking about her copywriting experiences. She’s funny. She’s friendly. She’s relatable.

And she knows her stuff.

Basically, Claire is all round awesome.

You can find Claire (a.k.a copycontentwriter) being fab on Twitter, here.


Let me just finish on a massive thank you for reading this #Write52 post. It has been awesome to have you here.

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